Just Give Me Pi-Sew Perfect Purls Pi Shawl Knit Along

half pi shawl

Ready. Set. Go! Or, not. There’s no rush for this knit along, it’s just as sweet as pi. That s right, this is a Pi Shawl Along that I am hosting in the Sew Perfect Purls Podcast Ravelry Group. From August 1st to October 1st I am dedicating a knit along entirely to the graceful, elegance of any pi shawl or half pi shawl of your choice.

What Is A Pi Shawl?

A Pi shawl is a circular shawl with minimal shaping rows. I’ve inserted some pictures from Ravelry to give you an example. I am obligated to say that at this point this is not a monetized blog, and this picture was taken as a screenshot from Ravelry. It is in no way my intention to take pictures that are not mine this is just an example of the patterns you can choose from.

Pi shawl examples


What Am I Knitting

I am knitting two different shawls. I hope to be done with both by the deadline, so my fingers are crossed.

Pi shawl test knit

First up is a test knit for Haleigh Overseth. She will be releasing her Oh, The Laces You Will Go pattern in September. This is a beautiful half pi shawl pattern with a little Dr. Seuss inspiration. It was a happy coincidence that I caught her call for test knitters post on Instagram, and I was incredibly delighted.

Pi shawl test knit

The Vortex shawl is also on the needles. I cast on my In A Daze handspun, and am slowly but surely making my way through this very beginner friendly pattern.

Handspun pi shawl

The Rules

I think any knit along, so there aren’t too many rules. To be included just enter a finished object picture into the FO thread in the Sew Perfect Purls Podcast Ravelry group. It’s that simple. Just enter your picture by October 1st and you will be entered into a random drawing giveaway for prizes.

To join in on all the fun, or to see what others are working on, just go to the Ravelry group and click on the Pi Shawl thread. I hope you join in!


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